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George Kordis

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The first reason that pushed me and pushes me to write short texts, such as those included in the present edition, is self-definition. By writing I realize where I am and perceive the spaces, the "geometry" of life, and above all the distances I have from what I love and what I miss.
But there are many things that I miss and perhaps they define me more than what I own. Nostos as a signpost of existence becomes an energy that moves the heart initially and then the mind and the body to follow in the pursuit of the utopia called joyless and pure joy. Nosto outlines what we would like to become, it reveals, as a faint trace, an ideal self-portrait of us and perhaps for this reason it is our deepest confession.

I write about visions of joy, about my painting loves, about what I admire and honor, I write mainly about what I long to reach as a soul that longs, as a mind that dreams and as a body that desires.

These texts are just the ramblings of a tired and dreamy traveler.
They are accompanied by linear lithographs and drawings made with ink that I made from time to time for various reasons or without any reason, which also constitute as a body a visual diary parallel to the texts.

The book contains linear lithographs
and designs made with ink,
which also constitute, as a body,
a visual journal parallel to the texts

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