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The book " The Saints of Great Greece " is essentially a Synaxarist, which tries to collect and present to the general public, all those figures of the saints who lived, martyred, practiced asceticism or were connected in any other way with Lower Italy. An area that was for many centuries an integral and vital part of the Greek world, so that since ancient times it received the name " Great Greece - Magna Graecia ".

An area that today, forgotten by the modern Greeks and almost completely Latinized (religiously, linguistically and culturally), barely remembers its old identity. Sporadic lights that illuminate and bring back this identity from the depths of the centuries, are some linguistic islands of Greek speaking in some remote villages that are still resisting, some toponyms, some ruins and fragments of Byzantine frescoes, but also the memories of the Italo-Greek saints ( santi Italogreci ) .

These Italian saints, belonging to the Greek Orthodox liturgical, ascetic and spiritual heritage and tradition, as it was experienced in the Greco-Roman Ecumenical, are a valuable spiritual legacy of the first millennium of the undivided Church of Christ. Honored by several of them to this day by Orthodox and Roman Catholics, they form the basis of a healthy communication and mutual understanding between our East and the Christian West. And the ignorance of most of them, both by today's Orthodox and by the local Italians, is unjustifiable. For more than 20 years, the author Fr. Vasilios Koutsouras has been traveling in Great Greece, painted and painted portable icons of Great Helladite Saints, Chapels and Churches and studied their lives and the local traditions connected with their lives.

This Synaxari, mentally flying over the Ionian Sea, conveys on its pages the memories of a seemingly lost world... but a world that has the power to surprise us with its vitality and Light...

The book is prefaced by: The Most Reverend Metropolitan of Italy Mr. POLYKARPOS and Professor Mr. Vasilios Koukousas, President of the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice. 

  • Language: the book is available in Greek and Italian
  • Dimension: 17 X 24 cm
  • 587 color pages
  • 300+ lives of Saints
  • Anecdotal images
  • Dozens of photos
  • Rare maps and charts