Varvounis Manolis

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Samos, a peaceful and idyllic island, offered the most suitable places, the most evocative locations and the most ideal conditions for the organization of the solitary life on the beautiful slopes of the mountains and its pine trees, close to gurgling springs and on idyllic heights. The Samian monasteries, Byzantine monuments of great historical and archaeological value with harmonious proportions, begin their history before 889 AD. In 1566, exactly four years after the end of the period of desertification of the island and its re-opening began with the permission of the Sultan, the first monastery of Samos, of Panagia Vrontas, was built, at which time the foundation of the ones that are now preserved and in operation began Holy Monasteries. Our Holy Monasteries, holy places, sanctified by the incessant prayer and the strict exercise of the monks, decisively influenced the genuine Ecclesiastical mentality, the fighting spirit and the orthodox operational ethos of the inhabitants of our Island, while at the same time they were centers of liturgical life and the cultivation of the art of chanting . [...] (from the foreword by Metropolitan Eusebius of Samos and Ikaria)

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