Foreword by Fr Charalambos Papadopoulos

Lappa Seraphim

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Texts written with passion that can create emotions in just a few pages. It doesn't matter if they are sad or happy, what matters is that they bring you out of the depressing nothingness. To activate you mentally and spiritually. Because the point is to start feeling and feeling. Let our desire work, let life flow within us, in all its manifestations. Life is a gift from God that was not given to us as a burden to get rid of but as the greatest experience to live.

Everyday life, which we so much want to exorcise as a burden of repetition and misery, is not a threat to our existence. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity. We would say that repetition is necessary for the surprise to exist. The known needs us to go into the unknown. It is not everyday life that tires us but our inability to transform it into a celebration.
A series of insignificant things can become a cause of joy and meaning of life, if we want to see and interpret them differently from the usual way of perception and understanding.

This is exactly what we need, to read and tell stories in another way.

After all, what is our life?

A story that we tell every day and for years in different ways until we find the best epilogue to close it.


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ISBN: 978-960-619-070-4

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