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Staretz Melchizedek was an extraordinary, a special man. A study of his life and words convinces us that his long life and good health, which he enjoyed to the end of his life, were due to his meekness, humility, wise and discreet asceticism, active love, as well as his active inner prayer.
The age-old holy elder Melchizedek was one of the hundreds of important god-bearing fathers of Holy Russia, at the height of its spiritual prosperity. He lived in the forests of central Russia. It was an integral part of the hesychastic movement started by the disciples of St. Paisius Velitkovsky, who were not content only to apply the "hesychastic ideal" in general, but placed special emphasis on "mental work", that is, the Jesus prayer, which had a central interest in the orthodox monk.
Elder Melchizedek was a contemporary of great men of prayer, angelic beings, to whom the secret reality was open. He was one of the phenomenon of Roslavl hermits. He was neither unique nor different from the others, who had developed a love for the desert. He had the same freedom of spirit that the fathers of Egypt had. He was fearless, he considered the aspect that Adam had before the fall and he had true humility, the divine "likeness" of God. (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)