Small town alderman

Argyriadis p. Vasileios

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Someone went to Father Andreas to discuss.

"Listen father let me read something to you. A holy father says to another: "Why do you avoid us Abba?" And the other saint replied: "God knows that I love you. But I cannot be with God and with men. The Incorporeal Powers, the Angels, who are thousands and myriads, have one will. While people a lot. So I cannot leave God and go with men."
What does that holy father mean, father? Is not our brother the face of God? Is it possible for tradition to condone alienation from one's neighbor?"
And Fr. Andreas said: "You would read this from a book with stories of monks, and indeed of departed ones, wouldn't you?" I am not an "expert scientist" on monastics... I don't know about them...
However, I have the feeling that for us city people, a different passage applies, from another "enlightened" person... Maybe he even says the same thing as what you read to me... but with a different pace... . Hear it: "And if you cannot make your life the way you want it, at least try this as much as you can: do not debase it with the many connections of the world, with the many movements and speeches. Do not debase it by drinking it, turning often and "exposing it, in relationships and interactions, to the daily nonsense, until it becomes like a foreign truck".
If what you read to me seems foreign to us city folk, do what I read to you. As much as you can..."

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