The mystery of the Nativity of the Savior.

Bloom p. Antonios

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God has revealed to us the greatness of man. The fact that Christ became man was, is and will forever remain an indication that man is so vast, so mysteriously deep, that not only can he contain - as a temple - the divine presence, but he can also be united with God , to become "a communicant of divine nature", according to the apostle Peter. And yet, however much a man may deviate from his calling, however unworthy he may become of it, he will never have a relation to God inferior to that of fatherhood, and will never cease to have the place of a son or of the daughter of the Most High...

What is revealed in Christ and through Christ is that what is of supreme importance is each person individually; that Christ lives and dies for each one of us, that He is not interested in the masses but in each person.
The ancient world knew nations and tribes, it knew slaves and masters, it had classes of people, just as the modern world distinguishes classes and types and groups. God knows only living people - men and women.

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