Journey into the heart of Narnia

Rowan Williams

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Original title: The Lion's World – A journey into the heart of Narnia
Translation: Christos Triantafyllopoulos

In Narnia, Lewis conveys the form and energy of classical Christian teaching not through a simple presentation of its content (although he was extremely gifted at this too, when he did so in a different context), but by showing that the Christian vision of reconciliation between the divine and the human, the cure for human failure and rebellion, the constant pressure on us to abandon untruth and self-sufficiency, is a vision that interprets the human world we know. No corner of our fragmented and fearful hearts remains untouched by this vision. The vivid stories that Lewis creates show us that the awareness of grace and the reality of repentance can be brought to life as much through the imagination as through the intellect. Or, Lewis shows us the intellect at work in and through the imagination. It helps us to see that faith is something that presupposes our whole human self. But it never makes it easy: it requires painful self-awareness, and the humility to see where we've lied and where we've deserted.

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ISBN: 978-618-84560-2-0

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