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Eleftheriadis Eleftherios

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You are like a closet... Like a big closet, suffocating to the top.

Clothes, underwear, blankets, sheets, quilts, pillowcases, bags, hats and shoes... Some old, some new, some of them torn, some of them spotless, some of them dirty, some of them worn. An untouchable…
And with so much that has been collected inside you, you have stuffed... You have reached the amen.
You have to do a clean up.
To open the leaves of the wardrobe and take everything out...
Whatever is to be thrown away, be thrown away.
Anything to be patched, be patched.
Everything that is to be washed, be washed.
What's for iron, be ironed.
Slowly. No rush.
And, after deciding what to keep and what to throw away, after washing and ironing what's left, to put them back inside, nice and tidy...
Like a closet you are...
A large closet, suffocating to the top.
You don't want much.
You want a good clearing in your life...

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ISBN: 978-960-619-058-2

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