Searching for the purpose of life

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We live with no idea where we are going.

We are like unruly ships.

The spirit of the modern era wants travel to be an end in itself:
"Live your life," they tell you. "Rufa every moment, that counts."
I want you to imagine a boat with the best specifications.
Built in the best shipyards.
It has the most modern navigational instruments and the most up-to-date charts. It has the most worthy staff.
But if we do not give this ship a destination,
it is doomed to sink.
A ship can't have no destination...
The destination gives him security. The destination gives it meaning.
Destination is what makes the difference between life and death.
The destination is a necessity.

Eleftherios G. Eleftheriadis, through examples of modern people as well as his personal experiences, travels with us on a journey of maturation and search for the true purpose of existence.