Do holiness and prayer have a place in the modern world?

Bloom p. Antonios

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Just as God became man and His holiness dwelt in flesh among us, living, acting and saving, in the same way the Church, through the mystery of the incarnation, participates in the eternity, in the holiness of God and at the same time in his salvation world. The holiness of the Church must find its place in the world in an act of essential love, in an active and living presence. But fundamentally it is holiness, the presence of God, that must be manifested through us in the world - this is our calling, this is our very essence...

Let us first learn to listen carefully, see and understand God, the world and our neighbor. And then, let us act not only according to human wisdom, but, above all, on the basis of divine wisdom, as revealed to us in the Bible, the life and the mysteries of the Church, since, as was emphatically emphasized against first Christian centuries, these constitute our entry into the knowledge of God and into His name-making action.

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