The revolution of 1821 in Crete

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A musical version about the Revolution of 1821 in Crete by the musician Antonis Martsakis

A luxurious music edition was released by Ekosei En Plo on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. This digital disc, like the accompanying book, has been edited by the Cretan musician Antonis Martsakis and is dedicated to the Revolution of 1821 in Crete.

The purpose of the publication is with "Rizitika and Rhymes" for every listener to travel, with the melody and the lyrics of the songs, to that time and to get to know the people who sacrificed and were glorified in the Cretan Struggle for freedom.

" Each song moved me for different reasons , I admired each hero separately for his bravery . _ I admired the strength of those who were sacrificed and burned alive in the caves of Melidoni and Milatos , the women who fought with bravery equal to the men" ( From the introduction of Antonis Martsakis for the edition )

"We are lucky that the distinguished artist of Cretan music , Antonis Martsakis , like the ancient Aoidi , revives with his voice and music and his collaborators the war songs of 1821 , giving the real dimension of folk poetry , which is a reason to become song , which is often accompanied by music . _ _ ( Excerpt from the foreword by Constantinos Fournarakis , Doctor of Philology and Archivist at the Historical Archive of Crete )