MODERN ELDERLY - Letters and advice

Krestyankin Ivan Mihailovich (f. Ioannis)

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Fr. Ioannis Krestiankin - Fr. Thaddeus Strbulovi ts

A common characteristic of these two contemporary elders, beyond the sanctity of life, is the spiritual communication with many spiritual children. They were the spiritual guides of thousands of souls and their pastoral experience is treasured in these 3 books, where their letters and advice are listed on various issues of everyday life as well as spiritual life.

Their view is of particular importance because they are modern, people of our time, they have experiences of the use of technology, of modern problems such as abortions, divorces, concern about the coming of the Antichrist, sealing, the violation of fundamental human freedoms. Their common element is love in freedom.

Their attitude is diligently therapeutic and discreetly philanthropic. They are not pushy, they are not strict enough to lead to despair and depression. On the contrary, they inspire repentance, call for vigilance, contribute to changing the sick way of life, but always with prudence, freedom and love. And this makes them true shepherds, whose sole purpose is the correction of their children and their salvation...

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