A testimony of hope in the shadow of trial

Margarita Sakellari

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Margarita Sakellari writes the diary of her trial, hers and her family's, for her son who left after the great battle for his life. He left for a great journey, a journey into the light...

"Memory is a remembrance; it is also a resurrection and a fall; when you wander along its paths you do not know the destination, nor the purpose nor the meaning. And that certainly has its charm.

Memory can be a strength or a weakness. What can stop her power? Currently; The dream of the future? I wish I had a strong memory, don't forget, never forget. To remember the trivial, the everyday that made your wonderful composition, the everyday that was you.

In you I discovered how complex it is to be simple, how big to be small, how deafening noise silence makes, like the deafening noise of your absence, like the deafening silence of the last moment...

I will write something about me. I don't know if it will be useful to others. It will be my only offer, my only gift..."

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ISBN: 978-960-6719-42-0

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