Μελωδικό Καράβι
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"Our songs" is a tribute to Christian singing, the musical heritage of the 20th century that survives today, a symbol of a struggle but also an experiential expression of many generations.

For the first time, the much-loved compositions will be performed by a symphony orchestra and large choirs. The songs are performed by the 50-member Symphony Orchestra of the Greek Music Center conducted by Andreas Tselikas. 200 choristers are participating with the "Seven-string Lyra" Music Ensembles of Agios Efthymios Keratsinis under the direction of Chrysoula Tsimouris, the Children's Choirs of Spyros Lambros, the Children's Choir of the Greek-French School "Agios Iosif" under the direction of Ilias Liamis, Viva Voce under the direction by Thodoris Konstantopoulos and Con Anima under the direction of Ioulia Tzanetoulakou.

He performs with a small vocal and orchestral ensemble under the direction of Vassilis Hatzinikolaou.
Kaiti Koullia and Konstantinos Bilalis sing.
Friendly participation: Panos Dimitrakopoulos canon.