Study of the conditions of deification according to Simeon the New Theologian


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The understanding of the deification teaching of Saint Simeon as a new anthropology is proposed by the present research, both as an answer to the question of the content of the theological problem in the century that began, as well as as a basis for convergence and synthesis in the ongoing tug-of-war between eucharistic and therapeutic ecclesiology.

Studying the conditions of deification in the theology of Saint Simeon, it is impossible not to see exercise as the pre-eminent condition for achieving deification. From the ascetic intentions that the saint emphasizes, the inviolable observance of the commandments, apathy and love were distinguished. Simeon's anti-conformism towards the observance of the commandments, the dynamic understanding of the apathetic state, in which the passiveness of the soul is preserved, and therefore the integrity of the person, constitute the starting points of the analysis of the present work, while the identification of the concept of love in Simeon, with the grace and presence of the Spirit, recommends the interpretative introduction for the understanding of the thought of the saint on this issue.

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