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Original title: The Great Divorce
Translation: Alexander Master
Epimeter: Theodoros Ziakas

CS Lewis's book tells us about one of the "excursions", which take place every now and then, from Hell to Heaven. As many souls as wish take part in them. The space shuttle comes and picks them up. And he raises them up to the curbs of Paradise. In order to see the place. And if they like it and want to, they can stay and continue inside. Of course, they will need to undergo a small "surgery" to remove whatever passion is making their lives Hell. (As well as whatever they dare for their virtue.) They are of course free to avoid the "operation" and go back again. The tragic thing is that most souls prefer to return to Hell. The most receptive because they want to transfer some of their Hell to Heaven. They don't mean to beat the hell out of them. They are still trapped in the passions they nurtured in this life. Although dehydrated - completely dreamlike - their old passions are their "content". They are afraid to sacrifice them... But we cannot marry Hell with Heaven. Hence the title of the book: "The Great Divorce".