Saint Gregory the Monk

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The desire of this humble work - already from its first edition - is to present the teaching of Saint John Chrysostom regarding the Eucharistic Mystery.

Saint John is the Eucharistic Saint par excellence. The well-known Divine Liturgy, celebrated daily throughout the world, is for the most part his own poem. The philanthropic "Catechetical Word" that comforts and moves the faithful in the Easter Divine Liturgy is also a reflection of the experiences of his sanctified soul.

When the Holy Father speaks about the Eucharistic Mystery, he becomes par excellence a goldsmith and a goldsmith. The grace of the Holy Spirit that dwelt in his soul became an inexhaustible source of theology, which waters and refreshes the souls of believers in every country and every age.

The patterns of the Old Testament converge and lead to the liturgy of the Last Supper. The earthly action and teaching of the Lord also prepares the delivery of the horrible Mystery. This was accomplished once in Zion, but is repeated in every Divine Liturgy by the same Christ.

In the divine Liturgy, the despotic Body, the Bread of life that came down from heaven, lifts us up to heaven. The believer who partakes worthily becomes one with Christ. Thanks to this Body, which conquered death, we hope to enjoy immortal life.

The holy Hierarch theologizes and preaches the victory of Christ's resurrection. He gave this testimony of victory with his life, expressed it with his word and validated it with his martyrdom.

On the 14th of September of 407, the last day of his martyrdom, the Saint, unable to stand on his feet anymore, was led near the Holy Altar of the Temple of Saint Basilisk in Komana. He put on new white garments, communicated the Holy Mysteries, and uttered his last prayer, saying the phrase he always used to say: Praise be to God in all things! He gave up the spirit and joined the chorus of the Saints. His soul continues unending thanksgiving to God in heaven, and his writings nourish and guide the multitude of believers on earth.

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