The birth of the artist in the image of God - Foreword: Elder Ephraim, Professor I. M. M. Vatopediou

Jackson Jonathan

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God is the perfect Artist and Poet. Our creation in His image means that we too are artists and poets, regardless of our calling in life. We are artists the way we love. We are poets in the way we pray. Everyone is an artist. We are cosmically connected to one another through a divine fabric that stretches across the ages. Each of us has a unique role to play in the covenant of God's creation.

An artist's most important work is not what he creates. It is found in the work of our creation by the grace of God. The primary goal of the artist is to achieve his salvation. What the artist creates or produces in terms of works of art is always secondary to actually becoming a work of art himself. The spiritual artist constantly repents of his ambition and becomes the poem himself. This is by sitting at the Master's feet gazing upon His glory, as Mary did. The artist doesn't just write or sing songs – he becomes the song himself. He does not simply paint on a canvas; he himself becomes a painting for the glory of God. This is a very different vision of the artist than that which our culture exalts.

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