The chronicle of the rescue of the Jews of Zakynthos from the Nazi atrocities

Seder Deno

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I shall never forget the terror that came over us one night, while we were hiding with my large family in one of the houses of our Christian neighbors: it was announced that the Germans had issued an order saying that any Jew caught hiding would be shot, while those who hid him would be sent to a concentration camp.

Then one of us said that it was not fair to stay in that house and endanger the life and peace of old people and even women. Their answer was: “No, you must stay. After all, my son, why should our life be more precious than yours?

The German commander of Zakynthos requests the list of Jewish residents of the island.

Metropolitan Chrysostomos and Mayor Loukas Carrer hand him a list that has only two names: theirs!

A true story of humanity and solidarity to save the entire Jewish community of Zakynthos.

A story that made Zakynthos known all over the world as the island of the righteous...

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