Σταμάτης Σπανουδάκης
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I've never liked pompous titles and names for my record titles, music or lyrics. I always asked, and still ask, the "other look" the "little different", more gently and in a low voice. Like I don't like capitals or bold in the fonts I use. Just like I don't like people who talk too much or loudly. I reserve the exception to this rule, as well as many others, for myself. The title "Hail My Sea" ultimately, like many of my record titles, came from one of the first lyrics I wrote for this record. And coming "watered" the rest of the titles and especially, as I hope, my music. So I say "Hail, my sea", having a wet psalter in my hands and a sea-drowned homeland in my heart, and begging You to bring them quickly and both, safe and dry, back in Your arms. And me... - Stop

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