self-deluding cheerful texts about morality and religiosity

Despina Zamani - Sotiris Kollias

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Prologue: Father Christodoulos Bithas

Is it possible to talk in a funny way about very serious things? Is it allowed to theologize jokingly and allude to the pathologies of the church space with humorous stories? From the time of Archilochus and Aristophanes to the most brilliant moments of modern satire we have many examples where serious issues of society were commented on in an entertaining way, casting a lighter look at the distressing deviations of human digestive nature.

When the satire is not offensive and vulgar, and the humor is intended to remind us of our fallacies rather than scathingly judge, it can sensitize us to understand "our own faults and not judge our brother," and look lovingly upon to others, since we ourselves have understood how weak we are.

The center of the spiritual life is self-awareness that leads to repentance, and as Saint Isaac the Syrian says, "in every step you take examine whether you are walking on the path or whether you have deviated from it and are walking on some path outside of it". These paths that lead us astray are felt by the authors of the book, they entertain us and indicate to us that we must constantly examine ourselves...

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