Foreword: Elder Ephraim, Professor I. M. M. Vatopediou

Kenneth Klaus

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From the darkness of hatred to the elder Sophronius

The shocking story of a man, who lived through the thickest darkness of hatred - a testimony to the providence of God, who seeks every man even in the steepest cliffs!

"Most of my life was spent in search of love and truth... I passed through India, Tibet and Thailand, as well as Muslim countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco and Malaysia. I traveled to Alaska, Mexico, and Brazil to experience other systems, such as communism, atheism, and hippie culture. For several years I thoroughly studied Eastern religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam; as well as Native American spirituality. At other times again, I became involved with the drug underworld and delved into esotericism and occult knowledge, entering a state of trance. But nothing could fill the void in my soul...
I was always running away from God, from people and from myself. It was a journey to hell, full of hate and death... I heard the name of Jesus pronounced many times and so many times I rejected Him and denied Him...
Perhaps some on hearing the name of Jesus will not want to read the story, treating anything similar as "spiritual imbalance". But he who sincerely seeks the truth, will read this story with great care; and he will find how alive is the presence of God and with how much love he protects all of us, every day, on our journey through life...".

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