A collective work on sexuality in the light of Christianity

Collective work

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They used to talk about "pansexualism", and lash out with accusations of "moral depravity" and "pornographic indecency"... This moralistic rhetoric is now gone, thankfully. Where it answers today, it looks like a caricature and automatically ranks among the relics of the picturesqueness of another era.

But the culture of sex is everywhere in the public space. It does not tend to form new morals (as in the 60s); it has already formed them. And now it installs in us a new way of understanding self and consciousness. In the last two decades, technology and the condensing of the space and time of our lives, make the shifts seem more radical than before...
Within such a framework, how is a Christian conscience positioned? Where does she find her living space and how easily does she get along with others? How can he accomplish God's commands?
And as a Church, what reason can we articulate in the modern world, a world that places sexuality at the core of its self-understanding?

In this collective work they write:

Dimitris Karagiannis, Fr. Vasileios Thermos, Fr. Stephen Muse, Eleni Karagianni, Frederica Mathewes Green, Fr. Athanasios Paravantsios, Fr. Themistocles Mourtzanos, Christos Makropoulos, Elias Liamis, Lyn Breck, Fr. Ioannis Chrysavgis, Fr. Vasilios Havatzas, Fr. John Breck, Vassilis Argyriadis

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