Epimeter: Fr. Antonios Pinakoulas

Father Ioil Giannakopoulos

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How one stands in front of the miracle is a spiritual matter. Today it is particularly timely, as the suspicion of a disorientation is becoming more and more common in the Church: thaumology, prophecy and dream "signs" seem to monopolize (or have almost replaced) authentic spiritual teaching and guidance. The criteria are absent and the interpretations emerge hazy. The present edition approaches this key issue.

Father Joel's text was delivered as a lecture in Kalamata in 1962. It must have been published in a first edition immediately after, in 1963, and certainly in a second one in 1970 – we use this second edition here. In between, the author fell asleep (1966).

In this book, the old text of the blessed Fr. Joel converses with the Epimeter written by Fr. Antonios Pinakoulas, who is chosen with the text of the blessed Elder, brings it to the present day, illuminates its unseen sides and unfolds it.

If, looking for miracles, we overlook the place of the Cross in our lives, we will not appropriate the salvation that Christ has given us.

External miracles are true when they are connected with love and have value when they lead us to the inner miracle of our spiritual desire...

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