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Everything that happens in the Church, everything that happens in our lives, has a reference to Him; to Him who humbly came to earth for each of us and who illuminates the darkness of our death with the Resurrection.

Cleithron Publications released a new edition that includes a book with 2 cds and the title "ᾼΣΟ Tῼ KYRIῼ", where hymns dedicated to Jesus Christ have been gathered through the richness of the tradition of orthodox hymnology.

The famous Byzantine dance Tropos is sung, directed by the proto-chantor Konstantinos Angelidis, while the works of the hieromonk Loukas Xenofontinos adorn the edition.

The Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Simon Petras of Mount Athos, Archimandrite Elder Elishaios, with his text comments on the poetic texts of the hymns and introduces us to the divine meanings of the hymns included in this particular edition.

"...The editorial team chose the most accessible and attractive way, the poetic part, to praise and melodically describe, with the masterful performance of the dance "TROPOS", under the calm and inspiring direction of friend and relative Mr. Konstantinos Angelidis, the indescribable Word of God, the Son of God and man, and to theologize about His face and saving economy for man, the perishing and the regenerating. Singing "to the Lord", confession and narration "with all the heart", ascension and descent "in the flesh", divine events and glorious, chandeliers and social appearances, transformation, reflection of the creator and the creator, resurrection and ascension, initiation of the Holy Spirit, all together these wonderful compositions are harmoniously combined in a "great deafening symphony" and constitute a musical guitar that "sings" in the end, "to the divine keyboard in secret", the echoes and the divine emptying-economy of Christ the Savior, of Him "yesterday and today and forever..."
Archimandrite Elder Eliseus
Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Simon Petras of Mount Athos
(from the foreword of the publication)

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Αριθμός σελίδων: 68

Διαστάσεις: 14.5 X 21.5

ISBN: 978-618-86445-0-2

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