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"Our kingdom is in heaven," says the apostle Paul (Phil. 3, 20). Our life, our attitude, our everyday life, our thinking, our perspective, have nothing to do with the earthly, with the temporal, with the spatial. But they have to do with the eternal, with the spiritual. Whatever you acquire in this world is little. However many years you live - and a hundred and fifty more - they are too few. No matter what you do it dies. But what a terrible thing, to live from now on, through the cultivation of the mind of the virtues, in the state of the eternal Kingdom of God, where "there is no pain, no sorrow, no sighing, but life without end". This is our relationship with time: to transform it into eternity. And just saying it makes you happy! Just imagine him living it! And this is what the Church calls us to. Because the Church only lives on this. She doesn't care about anything else. And he faces everyday life with the spirit of eternity.

The texts of this book were originally delivered as speeches. Their common axis is the study of the virtues: it is not about the delivery of academic lectures in the context of seminary courses, but about the living, paternal speech of a spiritual father, a Bishop, to his spiritual children, inside the Church, in the course of an immersive sequence, during a fasting period, Great Lent.

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