Gillet, Lev

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"Our prayer during Christmas Lent could be summed up in a single word: 'Come!' It is the 'Come, Lord Jesus!' with which the Apocalypse ends. If we utter this call with sincerity and zeal, then true ascetic effort takes place. Indeed, the hope and expectation of the Lord increase in our hearts. Each day of Lent, this "Come!" fills us more and more, is uttered with greater intensity, and drives away the calculations, the mental images, the passions which are incompatible with the coming of Christ. This "Come!" that cleanses and inflames us, might give its own special color to our prayer. May we be able, every day of this Lent, to utter our call to the Lord in a less and less imperfect way!"

A text by Fr. Lev Zillet, the monk of the Eastern Church known to us, with the wish that the message of Christmas will touch every heart in a unique and extraordinary way: "The message of joy is addressed to me personally. It was also born for me a Savior. Let us recognize in the Birth of Christ a very personal gift and let us accept it with joy and gratitude", writes Fr. Lev.

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