Chief Panteleimon Mutafis

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The study and systematic presentation of the History of Thrace has produced in recent years remarkable publications, the fruits of the research and labor of esteemed and painstaking scientists, with the result that today we form a clearer picture of the History of our region.

The monasteries of Thrace, men's and women's, are the spiritual wealth of our country and constitute a panorama of the history, art and culture of our region over time. Their establishment may be lost in the depths of the centuries, but their contribution to the History of Thrace is known to every resident and becomes evident to every visitor. Our monasteries guard the area and protect its inhabitants from any mischief.

Our God-blessed area was fortunate to host many important monasteries, such as Panagia Kosmosoteira in Evros, the three old monasteries of Xanthi, the Monastery of the Most Great Taxiarchs, Panagia Archangeliotissa and Panagia Kalamos, and finally, the famous monastic center of Papikios Oros in the Rhodope, in whose many monasteries and hermitages, among the anonymous monks, great figures of our faith practiced, such as Saints Maximus the Kausokalyvite and Gregory the Palamas, that great theologian of Hesychasm.

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