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This book will help parents make the connection between the spiritual life as we understand it in the Orthodox Church and the constant challenges of raising our children; between what God has revealed to the saints through the ages and what He reveals to another saint, our child, while drawing with markers on the wall. We want to connect what happens in Church on Sunday morning to what happens in our homes every day as we struggle to get the kids out of bed every morning and out of the house without incident. We need to make these connections for us, not just for our children, and we need to learn that family life is a shared journey centered on love, not a series of tasks to complete.

This book is the "instruction manual" I wish someone had given me and my wife, Georgia, when Kyranna, our first child, was born 21 years ago...

A book that teaches us to listen to small and large details of what is said and experienced in family everyday life.

Father Themistocles Mourtzanos

Scientific knowledge and personal experience in the best moments of their collaboration! Valuable help!
p. Basilios Thermos

This book contains a life sentence against fragmentation as it defends the synthesis between belief in God and its practical application.
Eleni Karagiannis

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