Interpretive comments on the Creed

Stavros Yiagazoglou

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The work of the Greek Fathers never existed autonomously and independently of the eucharistic and doxological worship and life of the Church as a scholastic reflection of individual scholars or philosophers who studied grammatically the biblical, patristic or any other texts and monuments of the ecclesiastical tradition. Theology in patristic thought was intertwined with its doxological dimension and synodical expression, embodying anew each time an interpretive commentary on society and man's relationship with the life of the triune God, as revealed in Christ in creation and in history.

The doctrines of the Church's faith need not simply to be confessed or repeated according to the historical context of their genesis and formulation, but above all to be taken up anew, to be interpreted existentially and soteriologically and to be always illuminated within the same life and timeless tradition and experience of the Church in constant dialogue with each cultural context.

In the Doctrinal Theology Courses, we attempt to expose the basic elements of the Church's faith, dissecting the soteriological and highly existential meaning of Orthodox theology for our time and modern man, following not just a systematic presentation of the doctrines in individual chapters, but the structure of the "Symbol of Faith", which is also the only correct structure of the doctrinal expression of the Church. each unit is organically connected and completed with an extensive and rich quotation of biblical, patristic, synodical and liturgical sources and at the same time is supported by an indicative bibliography for further study and deepening.

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