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The book helps us realize how the Christian world is one and the same, the one Christian Greek-Western world. Despite their differences, Gregory Palamas and Thomas Aquinas can "converse" comfortably. Anthropological propositions coming from one end of his world, absolutely apply to the other end, which in fact often already has them, theologically or philosophically presented or even prepared them.

The old East-West dialectic no longer has the meaning it once had and should be replaced by this internal relationship, which is of course completely foreign to any form of assimilative pulping of differences, where they actually exist. In this way (and only in this way) Orthodox theology returns to the modern ecumenical discussion - through the royal way, in fact, after the Western "discovery" of the Greek Fathers, already during the last century.

Consequently, this attitude and method is also contrasted with a similar syndrome of marginalization of the Greek side of the Greek-Western theological world, visible in older, but, unfortunately, modern Western writers, mainly Roman Catholics, usually in the form of the subordination of the Greek Patristic theological production to so-called Western influences, with hasty arguments, where, suddenly, Maximus the Confessor becomes a grateful student of... Augustine, while Palamas is at least a pilgrim of Duns Scotus, etc... Here, too, it is about what I call "culture wars" , with Confessional disguise in this case, which equally crush the depth, originality and freedom of any genuine theological insight...

In any case, as eminent contemporary European thinkers have already pointed out, from Marion and Taylor, such as Caputo, Kearney, Lacoste, Milbank, Ward, or Pickstock, the theological sources of the Greek-Western self promise shocking new perspectives of solutions for today's anthropological difficulties or even impasses. What the above do not seem to know, however, is the possible contribution of the Greek theological side to this search - not always in opposition to Western efforts, but always with surprising originality, creativity and freshness.

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