Everything you need to know for a creative and safe use of the internet

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Why is the internet useful to a child?

How much does it affect his personality?

Who is a child at risk from online?

How can I protect it?

Who is he allowed to talk to?

How do I know if he is addicted to the internet?

Where should I go for support?

The internet is the greatest technological revolution of the 20th century. It became the medium that allowed the diffusion of information, information, knowledge and entertainment throughout the world, offering equal and immediate access to all people's accumulated wealth. At the same time, it changed communication into an open, direct and two-way relationship. It is essentially the biggest window on our planet, a tool we all use every day!

For the child, the use of the internet is extremely necessary and its knowledge is an absolutely necessary resource. Addiction and the negative effects of the internet can be prevented with the active intervention of parents and teachers. They, and not some unknown third party, will teach their children the beneficial and constructive use of the Internet, inform them of its dangers, and ensure that the children's relationship with this valuable tool becomes creative and safe. For them, parents and teachers, this book is especially useful.

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