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To be a Christian is to travel. We travel on the paths of the inner world of the heart, on a route that is not measured in hours of the clock or days of the calendar, because it is a journey of entry into eternity, beyond time.

One of the earliest names for Christianity was simply "the Way". Christianity is more than a theory about the universe, more than doctrines written on paper: it is a path we walk on - the path of life. We must make the conscious decision to walk this path.
Of course, we need instructions before we start. We must know which are the signposts that we must pay attention to. And we need companions. Without guidance it is almost impossible to start our journey. But the instructions are in no case enough to understand what the road is actually like; they cannot act as substitutes for direct, personal experience. Everyone is called to confirm within himself what he was taught, to relive the Tradition he received.
The purpose of this book is to point out some signposts of decisive importance, some milestones of the spiritual path that opens before us...