A book on Christian ethics

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This book does not come to confirm the return of ethics to the forefront of public debate. In fact, it constitutes a project that aims to demonstrate that it did not happen suddenly that ethics attracted the interest of man. Man sought her help not in a crisis of repentance, but for the exact opposite: to confirm, to justify a course of things that he himself created. Against such logic, this book attempts to criticize the prevailing ideology of ethics today, choosing to discuss ethics not in terms of "procedures" and "conditions", but with direct reference to the human condition, which and unity distinguishes and timeless features compose. It does this by highlighting the importance of history, of storytelling, in shaping people's lifestyles. The model of narration in such a discussion is the life of Christ, as told in the story that constitutes the Divine Liturgy.

A book on Christian ethics that picks up with our times by tracing organic connections between bioethics, environmental ethics, and the ethics of war.