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Twice in my life, once on the bus and once on the train, strangers asked me: "Are you safe?". How should we answer this question? Personally, I hesitate to answer explicitly and categorically, "Yes, I am saved." Such an answer means that my salvation is already here and now an accomplished fact, a fully materialized reality. But how can I be sure what my behavior will be for the rest of my life? Although I feel the guiding hand of God over me, I still retain the possibility to say "no" to Him or to say "yes" to Him.

Long after his conversion, on the road to Damascus, the apostle Paul was afraid that, while preaching to others, he himself would prove "unfit" (1 Cor. 9, 27). Should we be equally careful? The warning of the pagan lawmaker Solon also applies to Christians: "Blessed before the end."
"Whoever remains steadfast until the end, he will be saved" (Matthew 10, 22).