Kolios p. Georgios

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In this book are presented the most essential points of the written works of Saint Paisios the Saint. Saint Paisios was not a graduate of Theological and other schools, so that his counseling would be systematic. On the contrary, his exhortations are a distillation of his experience in Christ and the experience that comes from the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Elements are listed that relate to the education of children within the context of a modern anti-pedagogical society par excellence, which projects a completely distorted, pathogenic and desecrated worldview. This is due to the deification of science and logical thinking, with the parallel man's mania for consumption and competition. The problem of raising children is imperative through the teachings of the Elder, who asks all competent bodies (family, teacher, school) to work on this field with diligence and responsibility and always keeping in mind the transformative and grace-filled power of God.

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