Texts accompanying Christ

Ignatios Mourtzanos

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" We often worry about the wrong things. Instead of preparing for the storm, we hope it doesn't come. Instead of changing ourselves, we struggle to change the other. The constant effort to change what we cannot control eventually leaves us with a feeling of hopelessness. But if we invested this same energy in things that are under our control, we would be much better prepared for any difficulty that might come our way...

Let's take steps with Christ. Let us keep fresh in our memory the signs of His mercy: the tears He wiped away, the pains He eased, the anxieties He dissolved, the needs He fulfilled, the fears He scattered, the blessings He bestowed. In this way we strengthen ourselves to face all those that we will meet in the journey with our fellow man... Steps with Him! ».
In all these years of my priestly ministry, I had the opportunity to associate with many children whom God sent me... Days of thought, reflection, joy, tears... Endless, unique, blessed days... This book is due to all those children who heard the voice of the Church and came to know Christ. It is possible that the ninety-nine sheep remained while one left... That's why we will all fight for the one to bring it back again... because it is worth the effort, even if it hurts, to fight so that all together we find ourselves with Him, following His Steps.

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