Folk Songs of Kythnos

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With this book, Giorgis Venetoulias continues his double contribution to Kythnos and Folklore. At the same time, however, it offers an important service to the younger generations by highlighting the way of life, the Greek Orthodox identity, the values ​​and beliefs of their ancestors, so that they can better understand their special homeland, love it and acquire that special bond with it , which will not allow alienation and discoloration, which will act as an obstacle to cultural homogenization and the loss of consciousness of local identity.

Most of the songs in the collection have been hoarded from the personal memory of the writer-fundraiser, as he heard them from his grandmother Katernio Martinos (1910-2003) and then from other unforgettable old women from his neighborhood in Galata of Dryopida Kythnos, where he spent his childhood and teenage summers.

The categories in the book are: Criticism / Absurdities / Of love / Of marriage / Children's / Customary and religious / Religious / Of foreignness / Fates / Opinions / Labor / Ridiculous / Rhymes