Wishes of the Church in modern language

Thermos Fr. Vassilios

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dear reader,

The booklet you normally hold in your hands should not exist! That is, it should not be necessary. Because what you are about to read (except for a few) you are supposed to have heard repeatedly. Not only have you heard them, but they are also the words that represent you! Someone else, the operator, pronounces them for you. Not only do they represent you but you are supposed to have prayed with them!
But of course we all realize that these cases are exercises on paper. The "Babylonian captivity" of the Greek Church in many and varied historical events had the effect of completely alienating the congregation from the liturgical wishes. And this is because those of the liturgy, vespers and rites were hidden from public hearing, while the rest that are heard (sometimes hurriedly or without clarity) are "protected" from understanding through the ancient linguistic idiom. And so, you either thought they didn't exist (for those of you who were unaware of their existence), or you considered that "the right thing" is to say them in this way: "magically" and incomprehensible, as a private matter between the clergy and God.
After reading this book you will now know. And you will no longer be able to live as if you do not know. But isn't that what corporate worship is all about?

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