Lignadis Tassos

Tasos Lignadis (1926 -1989). Tasos Lignadis was born in Athens. During his teenage years he experienced the German occupation as a member of the ESAS Resistance Organization and at the same time was active in the illegal press as a columnist for the magazines Mathetici Grammata and Neaniki Foni. With the Liberation, he enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, where he took part in the student movement as a founding member of DESPA (Managing Committee of the University Association) and president of PEKE (Pan-Student Committee of the Cyprus Struggle) and was awarded a doctorate in 1970 with the title of his thesis The First Independence Loan. In 1955 he was appointed a professor at the Moraitis School and in 1963 he was elected a lecturer at the University of Athens in the Philosophy School, a position he resigned with the imposition of the April Dictatorship. He also worked at the Aidonopoulos School, Pierce College, and the I.M. Panagiotopoulos High School. During his tenure at the Moraitis School, he organized theatrical performances, while during the Postcolonial period he was appointed artistic director of the National Theater, a position he held until 1980. At the National Theater, he also worked as a professor in the drama school. From 1977 he worked at ERT as a program consultant with responsibilities in the field of educational programs, however he stopped his cooperation due to ideological disagreements. He first appeared in letters in 1955 from the pages of the Society for the Study of Greek Culture's journal Neon Athens, where he published many studies until 1963. He also collaborated with magazines and newspapers
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