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Presenting the first of four volumes of Father Ananias Koostenis' sermons on our saint Nektarios, we declare our love for the saint of our times, a saint who thinks of us and cares for us and embraces us and "pursues" us with his infinite love and his affection. For the saint who became, according to the Elder Ananias Koustenis, a long time ago "a doctor without borders."
A child of unredeemed Hellenism from Silivria in Thrace, next to the City of our dreams, Constantinople, the saint experienced exile and injustice, with fortitude and humility, with patience, with innocence, with forgiveness. So, in Christ Jesus.
Father Ananias Koustenis also indicates this to us, speaking of the saint's determination and patience and invincibility:
"And Saint Nektarios passed his Calvary with patience, with impunity, with love, with prayer, with perseverance, with sacrifices, always leaving himself to the love of Christ and to the affection of the Virgin Mary, whom he loved more than anything. And for which he composed five thousand verses. Hymns. And they are in the well-known Theotokarios. [...]
In the volume are the first of the recorded speeches of Elder Ananias Koustenis from a series of twenty-eight speeches, delivered at the Foundation of Agios Nektarios on Isauron Street in Exarchia. The Foundation that cares for us and hosts us for years now, a refuge for all of us who are persecuted in this world. The house of the saint in Athens, where he hosts us in a stately manner. It is about the deposit of the love of father Ananias to our saint. The minimum recompense for what he offers us, in the edification and recovery of souls.
We thank Elder Ananias Koustenis for his trust and love, just as we thank our saint, who accepts us in his arms, thinks of us and takes care of us with his infinite grace and inexhaustible love. (From the introduction of Nikos Orphanidis)