Spiritual narratives from the Russia of yesterday and today

Sevkunov p. Tyhon

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One warm September afternoon, we novice monks of the Monastery of the Caves of Pskov - in our early youth at the time - climbed from the passages and arcades of the monastery onto the ancient walls and made ourselves comfortable somewhere high up. The garden and the fields stretched out before us. As we talked, we began to remember how each of us had appeared at the monastery. And the more we listened to each other, the more surprised we felt...

So why did we go there and long to stay forever? We knew the answer to this question well: a wonderful world had been revealed to each of us, incomparable to anything else. And this world seemed incredibly more attractive than what we had experienced in our few and happy years. That is why I want to talk to you in the book you are holding, about this wonderful world, where people live by completely different rules from those of ordinary life; the world of endless light, the one full of love and joyful revelations, the world of of hopes and happiness, trials, victories and finding meaning in defeats. And most importantly: about the powerful phenomena of God's power and help - that's what I want to tell you about in this book...

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