Secret climbs to the mountain of the Lord

Ware p. Kallistos

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There is no single, uniform way of praying that is automatically imposed on everyone. From the moment we have freedom of will, there is a great freedom in prayer. As a personal dialogue with a personal God, prayer takes as many different forms as there are people. However, most Orthodox teachers, when asked "How can I enter the heart?" they would give the same answer: through the prayer of Jesus...

...They could be our first words when we wake up in the morning and our last words just before falling asleep at night. We can have it on our lips while cleaning our room, while doing the dishes, while walking from place to place, waiting for the bus at the bus stop, or while we are stuck in traffic on the streets. It is especially valuable in moments of temptation, tension, anxiety, or at the time of strong physical pain, when we are unable to use more complex forms of prayer. The goal of this "free" use is to break down the false dichotomy between "secular" and "sacred" and to bring the divine presence into every aspect of our daily life... As we read in the Gospel of Thomas, "cut a piece of wood in waist, I'm there. Pick up a stone and you will find Me there"...

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