An invitation to repentance in times of crisis

Saint Moses

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The passions move within us, because they are nested within us, we have welcomed them for a long time, we discuss them, we treat them, we rather love them, we justify them, we consider them smaller than our fellow human beings, and thus we systematically delay their elimination. Cultivating pathos means dangerous complacency and disturbing narcissism...

The beginning of sleep, purification, repentance, towards illumination and apathy, were Adam's tears towards paradise. It is a first necessity to be born in the heart of man an essential desire to reject passion. To fight, according to the orthodox tradition, patiently, persistently, diligently, meticulously, sincerely and humbly for the killing of the dead! Let man be quiet, collect his mind, gather his strength, know his potential, study, pray, cry, humble himself, live a mystical life.
In this beautiful and holy struggle for purification from the passions, the champion is Christ himself, whom we are called to follow faithfully, lovingly, freely, cheerfully, honorably and sacrificially!

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