Papathanasiou Thanasis

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Texts about a truth that is "of the street"

"Merry Christmas" is the wish that is said millions of times at the end of each year. It's simple, but have you thought that "Christmas" means nothing but "Birth of Christ" and that "Merry Christmas" means that things should be like this inside and outside of us so that the Birth of Christ takes place without problems?

I have a strange God, but the truth! Of course, if we are talking about Christian faith, then we should be talking about a God who wants to be born again this year in societies-supermarkets of pain, war, injustice and in hearts-agencies of loneliness, despair, racism. "Mysterious foreign term and paradox". How, then, could I sketch (with all my clumsiness and surprise) my God?...

Texts new and old - now classics - that highlight the truth of Christmas, outside of conventions and limitations...

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ISBN: 978-960-328-196-2

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