Life breathes beneath concepts

Thermos Fr. Vassilios

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Wound and trauma always have a double meaning. On the one hand, they indicate pain. On the other hand, they manifest loving captivity: "my heart is wounded by love"...
Meaning hurts, meaning heals!
This book contains many crossroads. There meet Theology, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Science, Pastoral Care, Worship, that is, spaces that welcome both the intellect and the heart. And in front of us is the bet of their unity.
Theory and Practice must hold hands in order to heal "the great trauma, man". We do Theology because we are wounded. We practice Pastoral care because we are sick. And through their humble ministry our pain is healed. Sometimes because we gained access to redemptive meanings. Sometimes because our brother himself becomes the meaning...
We filled in words without a counterpoint. Unfortunately, many times theological reflection and pastoral practices are carried out unconsciously! We don't suspect that beneath the words and concepts are scaring the lives of others. Wounded for meaning, wounded for meaning...
The subtitle could equally be borrowed from Emily Dickinson:

Surgeons beware
when they take the scalpel!
Beneath their fine incisions
the Flame is falling - the Life!

A. Dialogues in the field of Pastoral Psychology

Religion and Mental Health:
reviewing concepts

Orthodox perspectives on Holism
in front of the Postmodern subject

Pastoralism as a field of encounter
of Orthodoxy with Modernity

Can Pastoral Care merge with
success the secular Sciences with Biblical Theology?

The paradoxical relationship of "spirituality" and mental health when mediated by a culture of extreme individualism

B. Attempts to meet Psychoanalysis and Theology

Religious Fundamentalism:
theology in the service of Psychosis

Moral Trauma and Forgiveness:
a theological and psychoanalytical approach

"Everything is under control".
An attempt at a psychoanalytical understanding of Woman as a dangerous "by-product", from the Bible to the present day

as a culture of mental regression

The Unconscious on the Scale
of Agios Ioannis Sinaitis

Overview of the conference on:
"Psychoanalysis and Orthodox Theology"

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