Dimitris Tsinikopoulos

Dimitris Tsinikopoulos is a researcher, scholar, poet, short story writer and essayist. He studied law and continued postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad. He studied philosophy, philology, theology, etc. For a number of years he attended seminars on biblical theology. He especially dealt with issues of law and philology of the ancient Near East. He wrote and published dozens of essays, articles and studies of philosophical, historical, literary and metaphysical content.
It appeared in letters in 1982 with an original study. To date, he has published five poetry collections, two collections of opinions, five studies and four volumes of essays and one long short story.
He has translated texts and poems by contemporary authors such as G. Mistral, J. Brodsky, O. Paz, CS Lewis, WH Auden, G. Herbert, P. Tillich, E. Lé-vinas, P. Claudel, E. Pound, etc. .a. His books, essays and poems have been translated into English, German, French and Italian.
He has taken part in conferences and seminars and has lectured on literary, scientific and metaphysical topics. From time to time he publishes in the daily press (Macedonia newspaper, Thessaloniki Press).
He is a contributor to many speech and art magazines, such as New Home, Responsibility, New Process, Contemporary Thought, Spiritual Life, Avaton, Chronicles, Philological New Years, Eneken, Odos Panos, Enopion, Porphyras, Iambos, Parodos, Intervention, New Responsibility, Frear, Zenith, Strange, Mystique Greece, Coral, Encounter etc.
He participated in group publications of books as well as group exhibitions of paintings and photography.
Part of his work was shown by the press and television.
He lives in Thessaloniki.

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