Critical essays on neo-atheism and religious modernity

Dimitris Tsinikopoulos

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"Is there a God or isn't there?... Bet there is a God...

If there is, you win it all. If you lose, you lose nothing!"

This was the provocative bet of the great French philosopher and thought-provoking mathematician. Under this title and on the occasion of Pascal's Thoughts, the author assembles 36 essays, criticizing the neo-atheism movement and posing interesting questions such as:

- The new science... and the old God
- Who designed the planner?
- Evolution or Creationism?
- God and neurotheology
- Is religion an infectious virus?
- Was Jesus a social revolutionary?
- Apostle Paul: Anti-feminist and misogynist?
- Bible, immoral book?
- Monotheism and terrorism
- The de-Christianization of the Western world.

Essays that will surely trouble the modern thinking reader...

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