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Direct and understandable texts for the study of the Holy Bible. A special description of the feelings that possess us when we study the Bible. An important read about the value of our Church's holy book. "Pleasant and pleasant is the meadow with the beautiful flowers. And the garden with the trees full of health offers excellent satisfaction. But much more pleasant, and incomparably more sweet, is the study of the divine Scriptures. For there, in the meadow, there are flowers that wither. But here, in Scripture, meanings that are ever-thriving and strong. There blows a refreshing and calm wind. Here blows the cool breeze of the Holy Spirit. There blows with thorns they wall. Here God's providence imparts safety. There cicadas are singing. Here prophets are chirping. John Chrysostom: In "Exo evrethys Eutropius, espasthi" III. 460-461

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